What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean?

Hello, everyone!

After having a nice holiday I decided to go and purchase the Slink Hourglass body….and I LOVE IT. It’s so curvy and perfect for my ideal avatar. ❤ The best part is that creators are making mesh clothes that fit to the body already! I also decided to put on my loudmouth with the cute kissy lips…fitting it to my face, I’ve always loved big lips on an avatar.

I hope you guys enjoy this!

❤ Tay

  • Body:
    Skin: Lara Hurley-Heid smokey no eyebrows /Milky

Body: Slink  Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.2 (ADD ME)

Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Elena v3.0

Hair: eXxEsS : CISA A (Materials)

Hair Base: HOMAGE Behind The Wheel HB – Hilton

Eyebrows: .random.Matter. – Wicked Brows – v1

Contour: .random.Matter. – Face Contour – Full [Tintable]

Liner: .ARISE. Liquid Eyeliner

Hands: Slink  Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant


Boots: !Rebel Hope Avila Mesh Boots_Hourglass

Dress: *JB* Ashley Dress – Black – SlinkHG

Piercings: Pekka Cutuful Unisex Piercing – F – Chin – SILVER
<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Cleavage) Anodized

Collar: Goth1c0: Spiked Leather Collar

Jacket: Hypnose Evy_Jacket – Slink Hourglass

Cuffs: [uw] Leather Cuff

Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to go with something a bit more feminine and pink…which is very very unusual for me! I have been trying to latch onto my “cuter” side lately instead of being so dark and feisty all the time!  I don’t know how long it’ll last but its worth a shot 😛

I have also decided to play around with my Loud Mouth mesh mouth, since there was such a lovely sale for black Friday! I love their mesh mouths, they are absolutely gorgeous, and it gives me a chance to break away from the bull-headedness of wearing the other mouth i typically use.

I hope you guys enjoy this! 😀

❤ Tay


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin Pure

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli V 3.0

Eyes: [Buzz] – Voodoo Eyes – Rose

Hair: Magika – Ember

Beauty Marks: [okkbye] Beautymarks – All

Hair Base: HOMAGE Behind The Wheel HB – Noir

Eyelashes: ARISE – Eyelashes No. 8

Liner: ARISE Black Liner 2

Eyebrows: NOX. – Beks Brows

Nails: PUKI . My Square Nails . Maitreya


Body Suit: [Y U M Z] Holy Bodysuit – Pink @KinkyMonthly

Kitten Ears: .tsg. Neko Cosplay Ears Headband – Pink

Collar: ALTAIR* Master’s pet – sweet collar RARE

Septum Ring: WXLFSBXNE – The High Septum – Silver @SuicideDollz

Kitten Tail: c( TC ) – Somali Neko Tail

Heels: _CD_ Tricky Pink – Maitreya High

Back Like a Bad Habit.

Back Like a Bad Habit.

Hello, everyone!

Im back from the dead…or back from RL, that is. I have been SO SO SO busy busy busy with a bunch of junk in RL that I have just been sucked out of the SLuniverse, but it feels good to be back and in action once again, and what better way to bring in my booty but with some Kinky Monthly and Suicide Dollz fierceness.

❤ Taylor


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Goth – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam v1.2

Eyes: [Buzz] – Arcane Eyes – Pitch

Hair: Magika – Ember

Hair Base: HOMAGE Behind The Wheel HB – Noir

Eyelashes: ARISE – Eyelashes No. 8

Liner: ARISE Black Liner 2

Eyebrows.random.Matter. – Wicked Brows -v1

Tattoo: DATUM – Revolver Tattoo @SuicideDollz


Garter: .:Avanti:. – Envy Heart Garter V2 @SuicideDollz

Dress: {CP} – Lisa Dress /black/ @SuicideDollz

Harness: .Winged. – Pentagram Harness @KinkyMonthly

Necklace: POMPOSITY –  Pentacle Necklace w/ Diamonds @SuicideDollz

Heels: [Mundos] – Caliopia

Piercing: {Scene} – TheFallen – Nose chain & Septum @SuicideDollz

All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me.

Hellerrrr Everyone! 😀

So today I thought i’d try something a little different with my format of my blog posts..I hope you like it XD It’s so different but I think it makes things look a little more “uniform”. Here is another “spooky and cute” look for you all! I have really been getting into this stuff, like i mentioned in my last blog blasts…(by the way my phone case came out amazingly, its adorable and everyone loves it; i can’t wait to make more!)

AAANYYYWAYS! ❤ Here is a little outfit involving some cute things that I’ve gotten from The Nightmare Event as well as Suicide Dollz, which will be closing on Sunday for a new Bi-weekly round…. 🙂

Please do enjoy this eyeball-themed look XD

❤ Tay.


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Pure – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam v1.2

Eyes: NOX. Hollow Eyes @TheNightmareEvent

Hair&Hat: Magika – Sorcery (FREE GIFT @MAGIKA!)

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } – Haunt Tattoo FRESH @TheNightmareEvent

Nose hoop: PUNCH / Pentacle L @SuicideDollz

Forehead Cross: :Z.S: –  inverted forhead cross implant @SuicideDollz


Dress: {joli} Disturbia Dress – Balls @SuicideDollz

Eyeball Plushie: darkendStare. – eyeball plush [green] @TheNightmareEvent



Hello everyone! 😀

So, I have been a very bad blogger! I’m sorry that I have been away for so long, ill make it up to you, I prooooomise. ❤

Since I have been blogging for The Nightmare Event, I have received some AWESOME stuff…including this Maleficent hair from Blues! :3 It is so creepy and cute. I freakin love it.

Also I’ve been playing around with my items from Suicide Dollz and Kinky Monthly, as usual…I will be producing some new looks for you throughout this week! I am going to be focusing on creepy&cute, since its kinda been my thing lately…

Which reminds me, I recently discovered something so nifty called “decoden”. Apparently it is a trend in japan but it is becoming a bit more westernized…where you take cute little charms and glue them to EVERYTHING! X3….using household caulk and a icing tip, you can make what looks like whipped cream to stick little charms to everything…it all looks so cake-y and adorable i just couldn’t resist making my own iPhone 6 Plus case with it.

But enough of my rambling, enjoy this look! Expect more creepy&cute on the way! ❤ you all!!

❤ Tay


Skin: [theSkinnery] Blair – Bare face (milk)

Body: Maitreya – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Hair: Blues. – Malificent @TheNightmareEvent

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Vampy~ Night Eye @TheNightmareEvent

Eyebrows: Moon. – After it All Eyebrows

Eyelashes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 8

Eyeliner: .ARISE. Liquid Eyeliner

Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam v1.2

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Hair Base: HOMAGE –  Behind The Wheel HB – Storm

Tattoo: G.ID-NeverMore Tattoo Strong @SuicideDollz

Nails: [Covert Harlot]-Long Square Nails @KinkyMonthly


Collar: POMPOSITY – Long Spiked Leather Collar SILVER @KinkyMonthly

Dress: .epoch. salem dress maitreya – witch @SuicideDollz

Body Chain: POMPOSITY – Body Chain @SuicideDollz

Thigh Highs: ..::BC::.. Syran black @KinkyMonthly

Heels: [Mundos] Caliopa

Cuffs: Quirky . – Lovable cuffs @KinkyMonthly

Piercings: DATUM // Divided – Black @SuicideDollz

The Start of How it All Ends

The Start of How it All Ends

Hello everyone! ^^

Heres a little Suicide Dollz/Kinky Monthly look for you all. I hope you enjoy. I fell in love with these cuffs from Quirky. They come with a color changing HUD with lots of options! I’m also showcasing this lovey dovey hair much like my friend Pedantic has. It’s so so cute, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. The options with this hair are limitless.


❤ Tay.


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Pure – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Freckles: .Birdy. – Freckles (Tintable)

Hair: lovey dovey :: Juliana :: @KinkyMonthly

Hair Base: HOMAGE Behind The Wheel HB – Noir

Eyelashes: ARISE – Eyelashes No. 8

Liner: ARISE Black Liner 2

Eyebrows: .random.Matter. – Wicked Brows -v1

Tattoo: [CAROL G] – Tattoo Hennah

Nails:  Puki – My Square Nails


Top: [N] – Forsaken – CUNT @SuicideDollz

Leggings: G.ID – Malice Ripped Pantyhose @SuicideDollz

Cuffs & Collar: Quirky . – Lovable cuffs @KinkyMonthly

Love and Darkness and my Sidearm.

Love and Darkness and my Sidearm.

Hello everyone!

Here is a little Suicide Dollz lovin’ for you! 🙂 I really am enjoying this round, it’s got a very edgy vibe to it… I especially love this hair from Kokolores because it matches my hair irl! ❤ I have been listening to the track “South Side” by Moby on repeat allllllll day ant this definitely had a lot to do with the outcome of this outfit. It makes me feel like an instant badass. XD

Please do enjoy this look. I had a lot of fun doing it.

❤ Tay

Body Parts
Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Goth – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Tattoo: SOURIRES TATTOOS – Half Life TATTOO – Fresh @SuicideDollz

Mouth: [[ CR ]] – Nyam Nyam v1.2

Lipstick: Static –  Unicorn Lipstick – Styletto @SuicideDollz

Liner: ARISE Black Liner 2

.Pekka. Metallic under eyeliner Ver 2 – Black

Eyes: [Buzz] Arcane Eyes – Sapphire

Eyebrows: .random.Matter. – Wicked Brows – v1

Fringe: [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Cara dichromic opt. resizable fringe @SuicideDollz

Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Cara special *dichromic* @SuicideDollz

Hair Base: HOMAGE Behind The Wheel HB – Chocolate

Eyeshadow: [PF]  Shimmer Eyeshadow <Vanilla> – Gold + Wing

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Naked

Necklace: POMPOSITY – Tombstone Necklace (Shorter) @SuicideDollz

Nose Ring: PUNCH / Lune @SuicideDollz

Hand Piercing: {Scene} Allia Ribbon piercing @BodyModExpo

Dress: [ILAYA] Estralla Mini Dress {Slink/Maitreya} Skull-Silver @SuicideDollz

Glasses: {joli} Kaleidoscope Glasses – Silver 2 @SuicideDollz

Give It Up

Give it Up.

Hello, everyone!

So C88 is up and running again, and the theme this time is probably one of my favorites, “Coven”. I love anything that is spooky and witch-related, and what with October as well as autumn slowly approaching, I figured I would get into the spirit and throw this sexy, witchy outfit together. I love the deep metallic purple in this lingerie set from erratic. Also, even though this cloak from ISON is supposed to match up with one of their outfits, I really enjoy the way it sets off the lingerie…along with these AMAZING fitted mesh boots from CandyDoll. I need more fitted mesh boots in my life! ❤

Please do enjoy this look and head over to Collabor88 to check out these sweet coven finds.

–  – Tay


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Goth – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Hair: Lamb. – Want You

Eyes: [Buzz] Arcane Eyes – Sapphire

Mouth: [[ CR ]] – Nyam Nyam v1.2

Lipstick: .epoch. enchanted lipsticks – bellatrix @SuicideDollz

Eyebrows: .random.Matter. – Wicked Brows -v1

Eyelashes: ARISE – Eyelashes No. 8

Nails:  Puki – My Square Nails


Septum Ring: PUNCH / Cross Septum

Piercing: .Pekka. Clone Unisex Piercing – F – Mouth – SILVER

Head Jewel: .random.Matter. – Arrietty – Head Jewel – Silver

Necklace: .random.Matter. – Ariadne Necklace – Black

Collar: Kibitz – Ring collar – obsidian v1

Belt: POMPOSITY – Gothic Belly Chain / Belt – PLAIN

Cloak: ISON – Occult Jacket (Black) @C88

Lingerie: erratic / scarlett – bra / purple (maitreya) @C88

erratic / scarlett – panty / purple (maitreya) @C88

Harness: erratic / scarlett – harness / purple (maitreya) @C88

Boots: _CD_ Arabella Black – Maitreya Lara @C88

Playful Pups

Playful PupsMorning everyone!

Okay, this is a fun one. Tay and I decided to do puppygirls after ‘ Sweet Thing.‘ brought out those puppyplay items at the TheArcade and I kindof went mental buying them.

[I really did.]

Here’s the result, along with an array of naughty bits n’ pieces and some dog biscuits thrown in!


Pedantic and Tay

On Pedantic:-

Accessories, Bodyparts and Clothing:

Eyebags: ..ARISE.. Eyebags (for light skin tones)
Brow: [Buzz] Amelia Eyebrow – black brow
Clothes Pegs: ))lunaBeam(( Clip My Nips (Both)
Prim Liner: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03
Nails: . Puki . My Long Square Nails
Nail jewelery: . Puki. My Long Square Nails Jewelry #01
Buttplug: ieQED anal.leash.plug
Prim mouth cum: Mad Echo – Kitty Milk
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Septum piercing: PUNCH / Horseshoe Septum
Ear tag: RUT Ear Tag
Bandage: RUT Nose Bandage (Human)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet V2.1
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 [Gesture]
Mouth cum#2: SPUNK Brand Dripping Cum 01
Harness: Stockholm&Lima: Shibari Harness_S
Ears: Sweet Thing. Light Puppy Playtime Ears@TheArcade
Tail: Sweet Thing. Shiba Puppy Tail (RARE)@TheArcade
Collar: tapi :: ring collar (opencollar)
Vagina: VAW XTC Vagina V2.5
Mouth: VCO _ Betty mesh lip {pink}  _ open mouth
Cuffs: [uw] Leather Cuffs
Naval piercing: ~Misha J.~ Belly Ring (High)
Skin: Lara Hurley – Elea natural no eyebrows /Milky
Eyes: [Buzz] Voodoo Eyes – Siren {Human} [M]
Biscuit: Moys Toys: Doggy Biscuit Bone
Knee bruises: Ama. : On your knees
Chest cum: *girlfriend* Cum on Your Body V3 – Maitreya Body
Toenails: C h a r y . – Glossy Nails

On Taylor:-


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Goth – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Hair: [taketomi] – Amo – Light Blondes

Eyes: [Buzz] Arcane Eyes – Pitch

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Naked

Eyeliner: ::Lustrage:: Ume -Liner

Mouth: [[ CR ]] – Nyam Nyam v1.2

Nails:  Puki – My Square Nails


Puppy Ears: Sweet Thing. –  Light Puppy Playtime Ears  @TheArcade

Puppy Tail: Sweet Thing. – Shiba Puppy Tail RARE @TheArcade

Collar: Sweet Thing. – Puppy’s Training Collar & Leash RARE  @TheArcade

Gag: +Spellbound+ – STFU Ballgag

Bikini Top: [uw] Mesh Bikini Top White (Resize Me)

Bikini Bottom: [uw] Mesh G-String Un-rigged (Resize Me)

Your Soul

Your Soul–  – Tay


Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin – Goth – (Bare)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

Hair: [taketomi] – Amo – Blacks

Eyes: [Buzz] Arcane Eyes – Pitch

Mouth: [[ CR ]] – Nyam Nyam v1.2

Lipstick: .epoch. enchanted lipsticks – bellatrix @SuicideDollz

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Naked

Eyeshadow: {joli} Kitten Redux – Tin Man (Silver) @SuicideDollz

Eyelashes: ARISE – Eyelashes No. 8

Nails:  Puki – My Square Nails

Tattoo: SOURIRES TATTOOS – Necklace TATTOO – Fresh @SuicideDollz


Dress: [N] – Morbid Dress –  blk/wht  @SuicideDollz

Garter: G.ID – Maeve Garter Left-Black  @SuicideDollz

Heels: EMPORIUM – Anna Heels @SuicideDollz

Collar: POMPOSITY – Padlock Choker / Necklace @SuicideDollz