A Secondlife fashion blog for those willing or want to be in tune with the day -to- day risque/ bdsm looks of 2015.

The name ‘The Dark Lotus‘ was a romantic chapter I was writing in SL in 2013; originally created to tingle my descriptive writing. Here’s a snipppet.

“It was warm within, a massive contrast to the falling slithers of snow outside the window of the well lit room. The bedroom she posed in felt ice cold beneath her feet, now draped against the cracked wooden paneling with toes curling automatically while she shivered ever so gently. Another dark night where she was kept on her own with her pale naked backside placed obediently against the silken textured rug below, another night; she thought, still thinking of the many nights she sat poised and naked in front of her absent companion. She outstretched, moving from her usual position till suddenly she heard the creak of that old oak door open and there he stood; carelessly dressed, shirt un-tucked and eyes lit by the fire staring at her position on the floor. “Evening, sir..” She croaked, her voice high pitched and nervous in his presence. He didn’t mutter a word but simply took his usual seat against the old fashioned leather green arm chair in front of her, now burning with heat from being vacant for so long before the heated lick of that roaring great fire. His heavy boots clunk down against the floor, bootstraps undone with just a mere flick of his thumbs and he sat uncompromising in his seat carelessly. “I want you to stand up” He murmured, his voice slipping through his lips like a decadent growl of masculinity, his face now mysteriously covered by the shadow of her positioned backside. She did what she was told, gathering both hands up from the floor and stood up with her body silhouetting the fire behind. She was slim, her body curvaceous and her breasts neatly placed on her chest like a well bred beauty. ”

A few years back I discussed with a friend about making a blog themed soley around that fetish, secondlife lifestyle; persay. We’re usually seen with certain ‘revealing’ looks and often asked where I get my clothes or items from I’m wearing often so I got my backside into gear and followed through with something we’ve been meaning to do for the last year or so. Of course, some of the more ‘covered / casual’ looks will be thrown in for good measure as everyone likes subtle changes every so often.

When creating my particular looks I take inspiration of others I like to follow, of which I will mention in every blog post so I don’t leave anything out. I like to think of myself as an optimist when coming up with an outfit idea; following those of which I gather inspiration from when listening to certain music, reading a particular book or just going with the flow. I am open to new idea’s too..

Don’t hesitate to contact me inworld/ here for anything regarding this blog as it’s new; or if I’m missing something you’ve seen me wear and want to know where it’s from.

In anycase, enjoy and grow with us and this new blog.


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